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Texas Reds Post Grad - SATX is a 1 year (2 semester - Fall & Spring) college level military styled baseball program whose purpose is to prepare recruitable players for the next level of collegiate baseball & academic responsibilities.


Texas Reds plays a full college level Fall and Spring schedule and allows players to keep their year of athletic eligibility as they work to get bigger, stronger, faster while gaining a higher baseball IQ through our professionally structured workouts and guaranteed collegiate playing time.  




The DILEMMA: The COVID CRUNCH/Transfer Portal Chaos

The recruiting world has been turned upside down with a loss of a complete HS & College Baseball Season in 2020. To make matters more challenging, the NCAA gave all college baseball players another entire year of athletic eligibility which has helped most players today but hurt players of tomorrow. All college players were given an entire year of eligibility which has forced a reduction in opportunities for new recruits & JUCO transfers. The market is so crowded it has forced college coaches to drastically reduce adding any players to the recruiting efforts for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

Playing time has become so scarce, players are transferring to lower level schools hoping to win a spot on a roster to get back on the field. If you have been REDSHIRTED the opportunities seem even more bleak. It’s a tough environment right now and players are looking for ways to stay competitive, get reps, stay closer to home to cut educational costs. Thank God TEXAS has been aggressive in helping schools stay active and opened the doors to High School and Collegiate Sports. 



Texas Reds Post Grad is a smart, effective method for equipping college ready players to compete directly against college baseball programs. Players going to college PART TIME are not taking away from their ACADEMIC TIME CLOCK and can maintain their 1 Year of Athletic Eligibility with TRPG. Our strong, professional relationships with College Coaches has already made it easy to secure a full college baseball schedule for the Fall & Spring. 

1. Are you a HS graduate that is college material but was overlooked?

2. Are you a college player that went to college in the fall and then got REDSHIRTED?

3. Are you transferring from another state  looking to break into a TEXAS COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY?

We work in semesters (Fall & Spring) and structure our workouts identical to a full collegiate baseball program. TRPG’s Coach to Player Coaching ratio surpasses the typical college coaches ratio by a large margin. Since our program does not rely on Financial Aid, Grants, or Loans, our program is 100% player funded.


  • Full Fall & Spring College Baseball Schedule 

  • Guaranteed Playing Time (Goal 50 Game Schedule) 

  • Structured Strength & Conditioning Program

  • College Coaching & Intense Specialty Position Instruction

  • Measurable's Progress Tracking (Academic & Athletic)

  • Student Athletes can attend any local University or College of their choice as long as they maintain a Part-Time student status. 

  • Full College Recruiting Service included (Video/Game Footage)

Who is the best fit for our Collegiate Level 1 Year Baseball Program

-High School graduates that are collegiate level players that DID NOT get recruited. It’s not always the best that gets recruited. You got overlooked. 

-Collegiate Players that were recruited and then got slapped in the face by getting REDSHIRTED or cut. 


-High School or College Players that were injured and did not recover fast enough to get prepared for the college season; torn ACL, knee injury, Tommy John, etc. 


-Transferring from one state to another and couldn’t get recruited due to the Covid madness. 


-Players that want to get drafted and need to get college reps throughout the Fall & Spring, yet want a professional work out. 


-HS Graduates that are fundamentally sound and are YOUNG Seniors or did not hit their growth spurt. 


-Players who need to stay closer to home due to family dynamics and could benefit by going to school part time and playing college level baseball.  


Our Methodology

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