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Student Athletes can choose any college that fits their budget and any number of credits per semester. As long as the student attends college classes on a part time basis. (1, 2 or 3 Classes per semester) Community College is usually the most affordable and online classes is recommended to allow for game travel days. 
Which college can I choose?
What are the colleges in San Antonio? 
Alamo College District (Community College District) has 5 Community College Branches - locations all over San Antonio. The Campus closest to the practice field is Northwest Vista Campus. 
AlejandroCoronado PSC23.png
UTSA - D1 University
University of the Incarnate Word - D1 University 
St. Mary's University - D2 University
Trinity University - D3 University
Our Lady of the Lake University - NAIA 

Team GPA Goal is 3.0

We will produce college ready players that have been equipped athletically and academically. We want to be a trusted source for producing players that are fully capable of succeeding at the next level. Players are expected to be enrolled in college courses working their way to an Associates Degree or Bachelor's Degree. College credits will be monitored and successes tracked and made public to coaches and teammates. 

Players not meeting their academic requirements will not be getting playing time although payments to the program have been made. Additional duties will be given to players that refuse to comply with academic standards and removal from the program is a possibility if rules are not kept. Players will follow strict guidelines to ensure parents' money and efforts are not being wasted on young men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their actions or inactions. 

We are not an academic institution, we have no institutional jurisdiction over players academics but we reserve the right to act independently as an organization to withhold certain benefits of being a part of our program if the player falls below team standards.  It is our vision to create the best pipeline for our college coach network. TXRPG does reserve the right to bring on players that are not enrolled in college under very unique and rare circumstances.

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