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Educational goals are a personal journey. Your budget, degree plan and flexibility are unique for ever student athlete. Maintaining a part time status classification by taking (1,2 or 3) classes per semester is our recommendation. We strongly advise you to seek institutional counsel regarding credits, eligibility as you move forward through our program. 

It is strongly recommended that student athletes attend classes online to ensure travel days do not impact attendance guidelines set forth by their campuses. 

Community College Campuses in SATX

Alamo Region

  • - Northeast Lakeview College.

  • - Northwest Vista College. Campus closest to our practice field 

  • - Palo Alto College.

  • - San Antonio College.

  • - St. Philip's College.

Point of contact: Let Mrs. Zamudio know that you are a Texas Reds Post Grad student athlete when communicating with her. 
Admissions Counselor for Alamo Colleges 
Cynthia Zamudio

Universities in San Antonio:

  • University of Texas San Antonio NCAA D1

  • University of the Incarnate Word NCAA D1

  • St. Mary's University NCAA D2

  • Trinity University NCAA D3

  • Our Lady of the Lake University NAIA


Housing is the responsibility of the student athlete. We do not have contractual agreements with apartment complexes nor do we currently have our own dormitories. Your budget and your preferences are at your discretion. 

Disclaimer: Texas Reds Post Grad is not a college. We are an organization that supports the athletic goals of collegiate level baseball players that are looking to develop, mature and strenghthen their athletic goals for their first two semesters after high school. 

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