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Texas Reds Post Grad - SATX is a one year collegiate developmental baseball program whose purpose is to prepare recruitable players for the next level of collegiate baseball and academic responsibilities. Since only 8% of high school athletes in the US get a chance to compete collegiately, athletes must invest time and resources making critical changes to their development in order to have successful college career. 


Our structured fall and spring program gives our recruits time to mature, develop and grow into their bodies as players buy into the Texas Reds process. Texas Reds Post Grad play a full collegiate fall and spring schedule and compete directly against NCAA D2, D3, NAIA and D1-D3 Junior College programs in Texas. Our players get first looks by college coaches as we take our program to campuses to compete against some of the best Texas college baseball programs. 


Texas Reds allows players to keep their year of athletic eligibility as they work through 2 semesters of our program. Our men attend college on a part time basis showing coaches and parents they can handle the rigor of school work and discipline of a collegiate student athlete. We prepare our young men to win in an already incredibly competitive and crowed market place. 


We use our God given talents to their fullest and do everything for the glory of God to help shape and mold those entrusted to us.

Coach Michael H. Perez 

St. Mary's University - Alumni and Shortstop 1988-1992.

Matthew 4:19

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